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Automobile fuel tank cap opening method

To know how to open the fuel tank cap, we must first know the structure of the fuel tank cap. The trunk and fuel tank cap of a modern car can generally control the switch operation in the cab remotely. This function brings convenience to the owner, but when they fail, it often causes the owner to do nothing and cause trouble.
Generally speaking, the trunk and the cab are separated by the rear seats. Therefore, as long as the rear seats are removed, the trunk can be accessed from the cab. After entering the trunk, just push or turn with a screwdriver. The movable part of the moving door lock can be opened by the door lock.
If the fuel tank cap does not open, you can start from the trunk. First remove the liner covering the fuel tank in the trunk. The liner is usually fixed by some plastic clips and can be easily opened with a screwdriver. After removing the inner liner, you can see the lock mechanism of the fuel tank cap. You can also see the fuel tank cap pull wire for remote operation. As long as the pull wire is pulled, the fuel tank cap can be opened. If it does not work, you can press the movable part of the locking mechanism while pulling the cable continuously, and the fuel tank cap will open easily. Some models have a special switch on the locking mechanism that can be opened by pressing the switch fuel tank cap.
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